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What is a Diamond? - 4 C's to Selecting the Perfect Diamond Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat... and Ken Sehman Craftsmanship When it comes to diamonds, everyone offers you the 4C's for selecting a diamond: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These C's are the different aspects of a diamond's characteristics and are considered critical attributes to look at when choosing a diamond. The world's diamond merchants use the 4C's to communicate universal standards for evaluating a diamond's quality, rarity, and beauty. While a combination of the 4C's is paramount in defining the value of a loose diamond, only Ken Sehman The Jeweler offers you an additional "C"-Craftsmanship — which compliments your diamond and completes the overall beauty and value of the finished piece. It is another reason why our customers return to us again and again for their fine jewelry purchases. Ken Sehman The Jeweler turns the ordinary into the extraordinary! Ultimately, craftsmanship is the reason why there's a great work of art in every box from Ken Sehman The Jeweler.
Ken Sehman's Unique, Handcrafted, Custom Jewelry Our Custom Jewelry Ken Sehman The Jeweler gives you the pleasure of creating a singular piece of jewelry that will become a part of you. Our craftsmen give you the opportunity to bring your own emotions and desires to life in jewelry designed just for you. Not only will your personal jewelry design be a unique representation of you, it will also give you an heirloom quality creation that you will be proud to pass down through the generations of your family. Full Line of Fine Jewelry Ken Sehman The Jeweler also carries an extensive selection from the world’s most celebrated designers. Whether you select contemporary diamond earrings, a traditional pearl ring, or a custom designed diamond necklace, Ken Sehman The Jeweler ensures the quality of all our jewelry with a lifetime Craftsmanship Guarantee. Whatever your jewelry needs, Ken Sehman The Jeweler stands above the rest in craftsmanship, quality and design.
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