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The Ken Sehman The Jeweler Difference Ken Sehman The Jeweler is not your typical jewelry store. Sure, you'll find all the latest fashions from top designers, but at Ken Sehman The Jeweler, our huge inventory is just part of the selection. We can offer services other retailers can't. From design to repairs and beyond, here's an overview of the unique and convenient services we offer which make us anything but typical.
    Diamond and Jewelry Appraisals     Whether it's curiosity or necessity, a reliable appraisal is always appreciated. That's why Ken Sehman The Jeweler entrusts only our in-store GIA Certified Diamond and Jewelry Appraisers with this important task. Intense training and years of experience make our appraisers some of the best in the business and we wouldn't have it any other way, after all, doesn't the customer deserve the best?
    Diamond Faceting     Maybe you have a diamond that's chipped or one that won't fit in that antique mounting your grandmother handed down to you. If so, don't worry; we can transform rough stones into brilliant, fiery masterpieces of any shape. Through this service we can also repair chipped stones, restoring them to pristine condition. Dull stones shine again and nearly any stone can be made to fit in any mounting; just another service from Ken Sehman The Jeweler.
    Custom Design and Manufacture     Our pride and joy. At Ken Sehman The Jeweler we love to make unique and wonderful jewelry for our valued customers. Our talent and technology gives us almost unlimited capabilities, we can make practically anything imaginable - from the mold to the casting to the final setting and polishing. We can even take an intricate drawing, or any drawing for that matter, and transform it into an elaborate masterpiece. And since it's from Ken Sehman The Jeweler, you'll know you're getting top quality and value at a great price. Don't hesitate to contact us with your ideas.
    Stone Setting     For your convenience we offer the option of matching any stone with any mounting, thus saving you money and allowing you to get exactly what you want at the same time. This is important because sometimes you might like everything about a ring except for the cut of the center stone or shape of the sidestones. In that case, Ken Sehman The Jeweler is able to easily make those changes so you leave with the perfect ring, stones and all. Since you can choose which stone you want in each mounting, pricing is very flexible. We'll work with you to find something within your budget.
Jewelry Repair We have goldsmiths to cover any repair or custom needs that you may have. If you need a price estimate, or even just a free inspection drop by the store and mention you saw the website. We'll check your item(s) while you wait. If you want something made especially for you, we have master goldsmiths to hand carve your jewelry item. Either through hand fabrication or "Lost Wax Casting" where your item is carved from solid wax, for you to inspect prior to casting it in gold. You never have to wait long, depending on how busy we are, and the time of year.
    Watch Repairs     Our watchmakers, long-time master craftsman, are experts on servicing any watch or timepiece. Except in rare cases, service doesn't take too long. Estimates can be given before any work is done.
    Insurance Replacements     The loss of a cherished piece of jewelry can be a traumatic experience, and the process to replace it can be unclear without assistance. The Ken Sehman The Jeweler insurance replacement department has a working relationship with most insurance companies and can assist you with all your jewelry replacement needs. We work directly with you and the insurance company to ensure the process is done smooth and hassle free.
    Engraving     Ken Sehman The Jeweler offers a variety of engraving options to make your jewelry more personal by inscribing a date or special message on the piece. Both machine and hand engraving are available.
Cleaning and Polishing After spending so much time putting the finishing touches on our custom made masterpieces, we've picked up a few things about cleaning and polishing jewelry. From Ken Sehman’s detailed hand inspection to his use of our Ultrasonic Cleaner, we take as much care cleaning jewelry as we do making it.
    Gift Certificates     A Ken Sehman The Jeweler Gift Certificate is perfect for any occasion. Beautifully gift wrapped and easy to purchase, gift certificates are available in any denomination and can be redeemed at any time with no expiration date. Call us at (410) 546-3866 or Click Here to send us an email.
With Our Compliments Free of Charge Every visit to Ken Sehman The Jeweler brings services to you free of charge.     Professional Jewelry and Watch Consultations     Jewelry Inspection, Cleaning, and Polishing     Estimates of Jewelry and Watch Repair     Gift Wrapping
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